ZBC Originals

For the first time a movie channel has taken up such a project!

Movie channels across the country have only acquired movies; however, for the first time a channel is producing its own movies. These movies are being premiered exclusively on the Zee Bangla Cinema channel; and will also be released in the theatres.

In association with Mr. Prosenjit Chatterjee's nIdeas production, Zee Bangla Cinema has taken up this unique project. With a mix of talent, it is our aim to make this a platform for original ideas and concepts. This is a distinctive endeavor with a modest budget. These are full length feature films made for television.

Experienced directors like Sudeshna Roy, Abhijit Guha, Indronil (Kobi da) director of Phoring and Arindam Sil have been brought on board to set a standard for these films. Contemporary directors like Orko Sinha (Amar Ami) and Souvik Kundu, debutant director are also a part of this project. A sleuth of these films, such as Ekla Cholo, Kader Kuler Bou, Onnyo Basanto, Ekti Bangali Bhooter Goppo & Professional, have already been showcased on the channel; and, have become quite popular with the mass.

Technically, these films have been treated as any other feature film; and, are going through every single post production procedure that a feature film does. These films have been shot with better cameras, edited, dubbed; background scores have been created, music and songs, color correction, proper mixing and most importantly, censorship.

In its aim to continue to win the hearts of its fans, Zee Bangla Cinema Originals is all set to give them another feature film - Swade Ahlade!