The Director

Arindam Sil

Arindam Sil, the director of blockbuster movies like Aborto and Ebar Shabor, is now ready to present his next directorial venture - Swade Ahlade, the sixth installment from Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.

A renowned name in the Bengali film industry, Arindam Sil is a man who wears several hats. He is a director, an actor and also, an executive producer. Did you know that he gave up the opportunity for higher studies in the USA, choosing to pursue his interest in acting, instead? He and his company, Nothing Beyond Cinema, has handled the line-production of films like The Bong Connection, Via Darjeeling,033,Brake Fail, Shukno Lanka, Nobel Chor, Kahaani and Gunday (YRF) among others.