The Film

It’s a story of a small town middle class girl Sraboni who one day accidently bumps into a professional photographer who notices her good looks and suggests her to try for films in Kolkata. Allured by the glitz and glamour she ends up at the audition for a film. She gets noticed by the producer Tushar Mohanty for her innocence , acting presence & good looks. However the proposal she gets is not exactly to become an actress for reel life, but for real life which is very unlike her nature. It was a proposal of a business partner of a Divorce Consultancy. She will have to help wealthy wives in getting divorce on the ground of extra marital affairs against their husbands. Sraboni is split between conscience and necessity. Selfie, a popular modern style of clicking photos becomes her major tool to set the trap. The story unveils this exciting roller-coaster journey of betrayal and traps, Selfie'r Phandey.

The Director

Manas Basu is a mainstream film director as well as documentary filmmaker. He has directed 5 films including Rudra The Fire, Aleyaa, Dekha Holo dujoney, Tollywood Focus and yet to release film Bristi bheja roddur. He has also directed 2 shortfilms Abbyakto & Vicious Circle and 1 documentary film Forlorn Tudung which was shown on various international festivals. Selfie'r Phandey is his first film for ZBC Originals. He has earlier worked in Mumbai film Industry and he switches on and off between Kolkata & Mumbai.



Priyanka Sarkar, Kanchan Mallick, Abhijit Bhattacharya, Biswajit Chakraborty, Supriyo Datta, Debika Mitra, Joyeeta Sen, Jay Badlani.


Story: Alokesh Mitra
Screenplay & dialogue: Manash Basu
Direction: Manas Basu
Dop: Badal Sarkar
Art Direction: Ananda Addhya
Editor: Sujoy Dutta Roy
Background music: Indradeep Dasgupta