The Film

Pritha, a middle aged housewife stays with her husband Alokesh and her 8 year old son Riju in a house in the outskirts of Kolkata. Her life changes all of a sudden when a stranger enters Pritha's house at night and takes Pritha and her son Riju as hostage within few moments. Riju, the 8 years old son, however without any apprehension starts getting fond of this unwanted guest. Pritha also surprisingly strikes a friendly chord with the stranger in the house..There is something weirdly charming about the stranger which draws Pritha's attention. As time passes Pritha goes through a range of emotions of eminent fear, astonishment and eventually develops a connection with the apparent terrorist. Is there something more to it? Watch out ZBCO, Raater Atithi on 16th October only on Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.

The Director

Premendu Bikash Chaki is currently the most talked about Director of Photography in Tollywood, with blockbuster hits such as Challenge, Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and Mahanayika falling under the radar of his distinguished camera-work.



Sreelekha Mitra, Rudranil Ghosh, Pinki Banerjee, Master Abhinaba Biswas, Dr.Kaushik Ghosh, Padmanabha Dasgupta.


Director: Premendu Bikash Chaki
DOP: Premendu Bikash Chaki
Story: Chandan Mukhopadhyay
Script and Dialogue: Premendu Bikash Chaki
Art Director: Kaushik Barik
Lyricist: Rahul Purkayastha
Music & BGM: Ratul Shankar
Editor: Sujoy Dutta Roy