The Director

Joydeep Mukherjee is a Bengali film & television director; and, an actor as well. He is mostly known for his popular daily soaps; mainly - Ganer Opare, Adiwitiya and Bodhu kon alo laglo chokhe.

Mr. Mukherjee was born in 1967. After his graduation in commerce, he started his career as a graphic designer at his own ad agency. In 1991, he joined Charbak as a theatre actor and continued till 1997.

As an independent director, his bag is filled with telefilms like Chaar, Planchate, Asukh, Kaktalio and Chor.

The RD Burman and ‘Big B’ fan, Mr. Mukerjee's idol is Satyajit Roy.

Apart from filmmaking, he loves to keep himself busy with Painting, reading books or listening music of any genre. He has directed a film named Aguun which is undergoing prerelease process.

Telesamman as Best Director for Ganer Opare & Bodhu kon alo
Teleacademy as Best Director for Ganer Opare & Adwitiya
Best actor and Best scriptwriter for Hariharan (telefilm by Kaushik Ganguly)