The Film

Mittir Parar Maradona is the story of two young and promising footballers Bunty & Guddu. They represent Vivekananda Sporting Club & Netaji Sporting club and are rivals.

They aspire to make it to the National level as footballers. Bunty is a simpleton and does not worry about the ups and downs of life. He stays with his sister Priya in a rented house owned by Bishu Mitra famously known for his miserly nature,in the locality. Bunty and Priya are orphans. Bunty is always abused by Bishu as he fails to pay rent on time. Saheli , Bishu's only daughter is wise and intelligent and the biggest support for Bunty. She succeeds to keep Bunty on track. But Bunty fails to express his feelings for Saheli as Bunty is not an emotional person at all. Deepak is Bunty’s coach and mentors him, Deepak helps Bunty to pursue his dreams to become a National level footballer.

Guddu, on the other hand, is also a promising footballer in the locality. He dreams to become a National level striker. His mother is his biggest support. They stay with his grandfather who always tortures Guddu's mother. Guddu, hates his grandfather and always protests against his grandfather’s misbehaviour, whenever situations arise.

Guddu dares to fall in love with his rival Bunty's sister, Priya. Saheli who is also Guddu's teacher, helps him to express his love to Priya. She indulges in their affair. Bunty refuses to accept his sister's relationship with Guddu and threatens Guddu with dire consequences. Finally, Saheli mediates and reconciles between the two of them.

Will Bunty and Guddu qualify to compete at National Level Football Championships…?? Will Guudu be able to win Priya..? Will Bunty finally be able to speak his heart out to Saheli..? Watch Zee Bangla Cinema Originals “ Mittir Parar Maradona” only on Zee Bangla Cinema on 18th November at 7 pm.

The Director

A film maker at heart Mr. Rabin Das started his career under mentor Debangshu Sengupta. Later he worked with industry stalwarts such as Ramaprasad Banik, Rituparana Ghosh and Narayan Ghosh. He became a valued part of a large number of widely celebrated Tele-films and feature films. He was awarded the "Best Director" in a South Asian Film Festival in 2006. In 2012, one of his feature films made him a winner in the best directorial category. "Mitter Parar Maradona" is his third directorial venture under Zee Bangla Cinema Originals after "Ami Mukhyomantri Hobo"



Rishav Basu, Omi Mukherjee, Sreema Bhattacharya, Oindrilla Sharma, Sujon(Neel) Mukherjee, Bidipta Mukherjee, Arun Guhathakurata, Suman Mukherjee.


Creative Director: Debjani Chatterjee & Arijit Chowdhury
Concept: Debjani Chatterjee
Story: Debjani Chatterjee & Rabin Das
Screenplay & Script: Rabin Das and Parthasarathi Panda
D.O.P.: Aalok Maiti
Editing: Sujoy DuttaRoy
Music: Dolon- Mainak
Lyrics: Arijit Chowdhury