The Film

Logon Boye Jaaye: Raj, Rai and Avijit are very close friends and all three of them work for the same News Channel. Raj and Rai are in love with each other and have decided to get married. All three of them are now very excited and busy with Raj and Rai’s wedding celebrations. On the day of the wedding, all guests arrive. Avijit also arrives with his parents and is welcoming the other guests. The guests from Raj’s family and his friends have also arrived. But Raj doesn’t reach the wedding venue. Raj was travelling in a separate car as a groom, but everybody else has arrived except Raj. Its time now for the auspicious moment of tying the knot. Everyone including Avijit’s family, Rai’s parents, Rai, Avijit are shocked and surprised since Raj hasn’t arrived. They all continuously try connecting Raj’s cell, but his cell is switched off. Rai’s father sends his people to Raj’s house, but they find his house locked and nobody has any idea about where Raj is. Rai just cant believe the ill-luck that has befallen her on her wedding day ….she cries helplessly. The priest now tells Rai’s parents that if Rai doesn’t have a suitor and ties the knot on the auspicious “Logno”of her wedding, she will remain a “Lognobhroshta”forever. So they all have to either find a groom and get Rai married immediately otherwise nobody can save her from her ill-fate. Rai’s parents, Avijits parents, Rai and Avijit everyone is at a loss about a solution to this situation. Rai’s father then turns to Avijit and his parents and requests Avijit to marry Rai and save his good friend from such an ill-fate. Avijit, who is absolutely not prepared for such a sudden and bold step in life, explains to everyone that he cant do this to his good friend Raj…its just not possible for him to betray Raj and Rai like this since they don’t know what has happened to Raj yet. Rai also is not prepared for this wedding and she goes on crying. But after much persuasion from Rai’s parents and Avijit’s parents, both Rai and Avijit come to a solution. They both will get married only on one condition…..after this marriage they both will stay separate and Rai will wait for three more months for Raj as exactly after three months there is another auspicious wedding date and Rai wants to wait for Raj to return till then.

Will Raj return back to Rai….? Will Avijit be able to stay separate from Rai and be faithful to his friend Raj…? Will Rai live a happy married life with Raj or Avijit..??? Watch the Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Film. ”Logon Boye Jaaye” to find out what happens to Rai’s fate.

The Director

Somnath Bhattacharyya is a man of many talents. He has worked as a story-script-dialogue writer and actor in the Bengali film industry for almost twenty three years. He has worked as a story- script- dialogue writer in the films for Sujit Guha, Haranath Chakroborty, Anup Sengupta, Shatabdi Roy, Ravi Kinagi and many more in over 35 films and telefilms. Some of his notable work include films like Sapath, Sonar Sansar, Neel Akasher Chandni, Jor Jar Muluk Tar, Dhaki, Fighter and Shesh Sangbad. He has written for ZBC Originals like Ragini and Joy Ma Durga in which he also did a role, as well as for mega serials like Rashi. ZBC Originals “Logon Boye Jaaye” marks his directorial debut.



Riju Biswas, Rupsha Mukhopadhyay, Priyam Chakraborty and Aviraj


Director, Script & Screenplay: Somnath Bhattacharya
Dop: Aurobindo Narayan Dolui
Editor: Amit Debnath
Music Director: Debjit Roy