The Film

Take a trip back to the 90's in Kolkata when moments spent even during a load shedding were priceless. Through the eyes of the protagonist Atolanto, director Soukarya spins a story that promises to bring back those memories back to life. Watch 'Load Shedding' on 13th December at 9pm only on Zee Bangla Cinema to find out more!

The Director

Soukarya Ghosal began his career as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. In 2011, he joined a leading Bengali magazine “ROBBAR” as a staff cartoonist. He became a member of the editorial team, which started publishing his writings, reports and cover stories; alongwith cartoons and illustrations. Ghosal made his debut feature film PENDULUM. LOAD SHEDDING is his second film and a first for the television. The movie tells us about the life of middle class Bengali in mid 90's, encircled with regular power-cuts and the magic of it.



Riddhi Sen, Meghla Dasgupta, Bidipta Chakraborty, Aporajita Ghosh, Animesh Bhaduri, Arka Sinha, Joydeep Kundu, Amrita Mukherjee and Barna Raha


Director: Soukarya Ghosal
Cinematography - Alok Maity
Music - Nabarun Bose
Editor - Arghyakamal Mitra