The Film


This film conveys a strong message to the audience - the message of change. What happens when the power centre shifts from a man to a woman? Watch Kader Kuler Bou, which breaks all stereotypes and brings affront the real power of a woman. Rather, two women!

The Story

Kader Kuler Bou has two consecutive narratives that carry the same basic essence – ‘it is time that women match their steps with the men’.

Rukhsar: The story is based on a real life incident. The film covers the journey of Rukhsar. She, in her younger years, initially experiences the lament and torture of being a helpless poor woman, but later takes control. Be a part of Rukhsar’s journey and witness her coming of age - from an innocent girl to a bold and beautiful woman!

Lajuk: “Shy” as the name suggests, Sudipta is a timid little creature married to Abhijit. But ,the shy lady doesn’t fear to take a stand when the time comes. This story traces Sudipta’s battle against social evils.