The Film


The film is based on the concept of young and modern girls deciding on single parenting their children. And the conception is also immaculate; not through sex with a man, but in vitro conception from a donor bank. This film deals with the pluses and minuses of such a trend…It is a comic look at a serious social issue which can escalate in days to come.

The Story

Ria is in her mid twenties and lives with her mom, who has single handedly, brought her up. But, something happens which prompts Ria to end her life, but her mom helps her out. She says the same had happened to her, when Ria’s father had left her, but Ria’s presence had saved her from going berserk!

This sparks a new thought in Riya’s mind; she decides to have a baby as a single mother. Ria lands up at the clinic. It is here that she meets with a lot of opposition. However, Ria is adamant and fights tooth and nail for a baby. Does Ria finally become a single mother or are her hopes mauled completely? To know more about Ria’s interesting life & its journey, watch Ekla Cholo on 18th January at 9pm only on Zee Bangla Cinema.