Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy have been working together as a unit for the last 20 years. The duo started their audio visual career on television and then moved onto films. Their first film Shudhu Tumi (Only You) was a commercial mainstream film; but the second, Teen Yaari Kawtha (Tale of Three Friends) was a take on modern young men of the subaltern classes and their approach to life in this transitional day and age. Since then, Abhijit and Sudeshna have specialized in exploring new subjects and genres. They were one of the pioneers in the urban film genre in Kolkata. Both believe in cinema that appeals to the heart and head. They take up subjects that are varied, and their treatment of each film has a unique appeal. “Cinema should speak its own language and communicate with a larger audience.” That is why the duo makes films that have layers and sub text interwoven with a good dose of entertainment.

So far the duo has 8 releases to their credit.

Their film Teen Yaari Katha, traveled to several festivals within and outside the country.

Films released -
  • Shudhu Tumi
  • Cross Connection
  • Prem By Chance
  • Teen Yaari Katha
  • Baapi Baari Jaa
  • Biye Not Out
  • Jodi Love Dilena Praane (In Search Of Love)
  • Hercules
  • Cross Connection 2 (Yet to release)
  • Bitnoon / Ro (Yet To Release)
  • Ekla Cholo (To be released on 18.01.2015)