As an associate director, Anindya Sarkar has been a part of several mega & weekly serials such as 'Trishna', 'Aasha', 'Sukher Khoje', 'Sonar Horin' - each of which has garnered great TRP ratings. His career reached greater heights with the highly acclaimed mythological saga - 'Sree Ramkrishna'.

Subsequently, Anindya went on to making telefilms - of which, 'Kistimat' - a weekly thriller has been praised by all. His latest work for Zee Bangla titled 'Sukh...Thikana Baikunthopur' has received sensational reviews.

His regular work for television aside, he has also made documentaries, corporate films and ads.

He is now ready to present 'Chaturango' the eighth installment from Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.