The Film

This is the story of a young and free spirited couple who decide to stay together before marriage. A talented and aspiring musician, Rahi from Bardhaman meets a carefree guy from North Bengal Arjun in Kolkata and they fall in love.

Though both liberal and open minded, they are still skeptical about their mutual compatibility and marriage. So they decide to live together and try out a married life before they tie the knot. Since they are both away from home, staying together and sharing a flat in Kolkata seems like a convenient option.

The couple set out house hunting and realize how difficult it is to get a flat in a society where "Live-In" is still a taboo. Ultimately, they find a house pretending to be a married couple. Now life takes over with odd consequences when love meets reality of daily mundane chores and conflicts. The two keep fighting over trivial issues and their witness is their maid Lakshmi aka Razia.

The story takes a new twist when Lakshmi becomes pregnant for the 3rd time while still getting beaten by her abusive and drunk husband. She fears of delivering a girl child for the 3rd time, while her husband is adamant on getting a boy. Rahi decides to support Laxmi and gets into trouble.

To find out what happens next watch Chalo, Let's Live on Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.

The Director

The director duo of Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy have made movies like – Jodi love Dile Na Praane, Bapi Bari Ja, Hercules, Cross Connection, Prem By Chance, Teen Yaari Katha, Bit Noon, Amar Mayer Biye.

Apart from this they are a viewer's favourite with Zee Bangla Cinema Originals like: Ekla Chalo, E Bhabeo Phire Asa Jai, Akashchoan, Abar Ekla Cholo.

Sudeshna Roy is also a famous face in Bengali Television.



Saayoni Ghosh, Somraj Maity, Pinki.


Direction & Story- Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy
Script - Pritikana Pal Roy
Art - Tanmay Chakraborty/Subhas Saha
Camera - Pravatendu Mondal
Editor - Sujay Datta Ray
Music - Sidhu (Cactus) Sidhdhatha Shankar Ray
Singer - Anwesha